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About Dr Pei



The purpose of life is simple; live moment to moment in a meaningful balancing act of joy and creation.  To achieve this, the body must be in a healthy state, because all creativity and joy requires a functional brain and its organs and glands.  When the body is in balance both mentally and physically, joy happens.  By giving the body the right nutrients and elements it needs, human health is restored to its fullest.  My mission is simple; to guide every person I meet achieve better health, through nutrition and life style influence.

Dr Pei Vuong, D.C. PhD., ACN


Dr. Pei Vuong is a graduate of Southern California University of

Health Sciences with a degree in Chiropractics and a Master

Clinician of Nutrition Response Testing. He specializes in

detoxification through the use of Homeopathics, nutrition, and

herbal remedies.

Dr Pei's story



Kinesiology/Muscle Testing


Emotional Freedom Technique


Applied Clinical Nutrition 


Zyto Nutritional Scan

Zyto Elite Scan

Whole food nutrition

Graston therapy/Aroma Therapy

Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance



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