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Dr. Pei Vuong is the finest Nutritional Response Testing clinician that I have ever taught. He would be the clinician that I would go to without hesitation or second thought. 

To be  a great clinician one needs to possess compassion, a love for what he or she is doing, the caring for others and the never ending desire to be a better clinician than he was the day before. 

I am proud to say that Dr. Pei Vuong has all of these qualifications and much more. 

He is my choice for clinician of the year. 


Dr. Lester Bryman 

NHIC Glens Falls, New York

I am a 56 year old male who started seeing Dr. Pei about 2 years ago for my Multiple Myeloma and heel spurs. I have been thru 2 stem cell transplants, but my Myeloma Markers were still climbing. I was told about Dr. Pei by a relative who is also seeing him. Since Dr. Pei has been helping me my heel spurs are gone and my myeloma markers have dropped from 345 to 26 Thanks to Dr. Pei, I have hope to one day be cancer free. I travel about 3 hours to go see him, but in my opinion he is well worth the drive. Thank you Dr. Pei for making a difference in my life.


Raymond J. L

Dr. Pei is a true healing master. He knows how to work with maladies that can be handled with food, supplements and other healing the therapies. Most importantly, he takes a multidimensional approach when handling chronic patients while they are on pharmaceutical medicines. Dr. Pei helped me regain my energy and strengthened my immune system to the point where I rarely catch colds and this season was the first time I didn’t get the flu.


Denise P.      2 year patient and counting

I consider Dr. Pei an experienced healer, a God send, and my friend. He is literally an answered prayer to a consistently mis-diagnosed sickness I had. I was drastically losing weight and every doctor I saw had no answer. Not Crohn's, Fibromyalgia, etc. None of the usual suspects. A nutritionist recommended I see someone like a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner) and a friend at my church pointed me to Pei. And ever since he detoxed me of what turned out to be various bugs I've only gotten healthier, stronger and more alive. He is trained in the nuances of the body in ways I have seen no other medical practitioner be trained in. I have sent over a dozen friends to his office, and all with positive responses and results. Dr. Pei is also a kind man with a large heart.  My wife and I are forever thankful for him.


David M.

I'm a 30 year old female who began seeing Dr. Pei nearly 5 years ago and since then both my physical and emotional well being have improved drastically.  I initially saw Dr. Pei for consistent bloating and a high level of anxiety surrounding my overall health.  Not only has he been able to eliminate the bloat but he has remedied every physical problem I've brought to his attention over the years.  He  has also taught me how to live a more calm and relaxed life which in turn has led to greater happiness.  I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Pei and highly recommend him to everyone.


Jenna H.

I think Dr Pei is a really awesome doctor. You can really feel when someone is working out of love or just pure profession and Dr Pei really cares. I have had so many problems with my health before. After meeting Dr Pei he totally transformed my health. I am so grateful for his expertise. My shoulder was suffering from pain. I've tried acupuncture, ba guan, massage therapy stretching nothing worked. Dr Pei have me one week of metal detox and my long term suffering has been gone ! I am so amazed how his detox technique can make me feel better but I also feel like I look younger and more vibrant. Thank God for having such a talented doctor!


Kat W.

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love Dr. Pei. I met Dr. Pei years ago when I was literally in state of desperation and hopelessness, the end of the road, with no clue what to do. I was scared. I had been suffering from debilitating headaches that were constant and intensifying by the day. I had never experienced headaches or migraines in my life. I was desperate for relief of the shattering pain that was beginning to put my life on hold. I was miserable! To the point where I was in too much pain to comfortably carry on conversations. I went to a neurologist in hopes for an answer and cure. I was ordered to have a CAT scan in which they found nothing. The doctor then prescribed me pain killers for my unbearable pain and sent me home with no hope. I was beside myself, and feeling so alone with no solution or understanding of my condition that I was so intensely suffering. A friend referred me to Dr. Pei shortly after, THANK GOD. My prayers were answered. Dr. Pei immediately discovered what the problem was, as well as its urgency to treat. I had a severe parasite that was ocular specific (positioned behind my eyes). It was so advanced that he actually had to use a sonar wand to kill them on site, followed by weeks of the detox tea protocol. We later figured out I had contracted the parasite from my puppy who at the time had been going through a phase of eating his own droppings in the backyard, and would then lick my face as all puppies do. I ended up giving him the detox tea too! Within a day after my first visit with Dr. Pei my brain shattering debilitating pain was retreating and decreasing rapidly. Within a few days it was completely GONE! I was finally out of pain and back to myself again! Dr. Pei literally saved me and gave me my life back. He is an angel on earth working as a true miracle medicine man, and I will always be grateful to him. Dr. Pei is a gift to our world, and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have found him, to know him, and to be one of his many lucky patients. He really is the best. 


With great love and admiration, 


Taylor R.

I had been dealing with skin breakouts, skin sensitivity and stomach problem for over 3 years before I met Dr. Pei. I had tried going to allergists/dermatologists for my skin issues, but received only topical creams to try to treat the problem. After meeting with Dr. Pei for the first time, I knew that his approach was different. Dr. Pei is very in tune to the interworkings of the body and nutrition, I was especially appreciative of the level of persistence he showed with my case. It has now been months with clear skin, but I will continue to see Dr. Pei monthly for maintenance and for general health/preventative care. I have no clue where I would be if I didn't find Dr. Pei, he has allowed me to live my life again without having to worry about my skin problems. I will continue to recommend Dr. Pei and have recommended him to several friends, if you have an issue and can't find an answer, I am confident Dr. Pei can help you find it.   


Chris S.

Dr. Pei is wonderful, he is young, but his knowledge and passion for his work is what makes him so good at what he does.  I am in my 60s and I walked in his door with eye problems elevated cholesterol and felt just plan lousy.  I am now back to working out & loosing weight, my energy levels are where they were 20 years ago and no glaucoma drops or Lipitor.  I cannot thank Dr. Pei enough.


Deborah L.

Before I started seeing Dr Pei about a year and a half ago, I was in and out of urgent care and emergency rooms on a weekly basis.  I was having dizzy spells, chest pains, unbearable headaches, anxiety and depression.  Countless, scans, blood test, urine test, everything would always came back normal. I was referred to Dr Pei by a friend of mine. On my first visit he found out I had high levels of chemicals in my system.  I am a hairstylist and inhale chemicals all day. After a month of detoxing I was feeling better. With his help of a nutritional supplement regimen, healthy eating, meditation, and positive thinking I am a new person. I’ve lost 20 lbs since I started seeing him. 

Dr. Pei has truly changed my life. My anxiety and depression stopped me from living a normal life. Simple tasks were a battle for me. Some days I couldn't get out of bed. Words cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. Pei. I have never felt better and I am a new person, a better wife to my husband, and a healthy active mother to my daughter.


Thank you,


Rosie S.

About two years ago, I was referred to Dr. Pei by a friend. I was suffering from arthritis in my right hand. After approximately five months of treatment my arthritis flare ups had ceased. I was able to resume normal use of my right hand without pain. For this I am

truly grateful to Dr. Pei. Dr. Pei continues to be a very caring and warm individual.

Thank you Dr. Pei for the excellent treatment you provide on a regular basis.


L. Pye 

I am 38 years old male from Southern California. I have been very healthy for my whole life until couple months ago, I started having outbreak all over my upper arms plus my mind couldn't  focus like the way it used to be. Saw my family doctor and couple other doctors but nothing worked. So a good friend of mine told me about this doctor she visits a lot ( Dr Pei ). He said Dr Pei is a very good doctor who used only natural herbs and organic whole food to take care of all kinds of conditions. My reaction was liked (really)???  Called his office and set up the appointment. Long story short, according to Dr Pei, the outbreak on my arms was caused by heavy metals and chemicals inside my liver and also I lacked vitamin B6 which caused my inability to focus. He suggested some liver detox herbal tablets and vitamin b6. I couldn't believe all my problems got better within 3 weeks. kidding, he fixed all my problems other doctors couldn't fix. Thanks to Dr Pei. 


Kelvin L.

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