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Two Dried Leaves

How we can help you?

The one thing most people ask when they walk into the office is this:


  "Can you help me?"

  "The answer is a resounding yes!"


The confusion medicine has created today is twofold: First, people are never sure what is going on with their health or how to accurately find the problem. Secondly, even if people knew what they had, sometimes no solution is provided.  Everyone is in limbo now, and there is frustration piled on top of confusion.


Take abdominal discomfort for example.  There could be a variety of reasons a patient has abdominal discomfort, whether it is food poisoning, bacterial infection, stomach flu, or even parasite infestation.  Without the proper screening and analysis, how does one know how to remedy it?  As a result, most people rely on guesswork, and that is never the best choice, given the complexities of present day environment. 


Thus, we want to hear the story from you, but also be able to pinpoint evaluate your condition.  After that is accomplished, the right program can be implemented to restore your health. That is how our office dedicates to help you, the patient.

Muscle Testing and Wholefood Nutrition Therapy

We must address the SPECIFIC nutritional deficiency in the SPECIFIC organ in the order that the body wants handled.  That is where kinesiology (muscle testing) steps in.  In a nutshell, it is an analysis system which includes a full body exam, checking every organ for proper function utilizing muscle reflexes.  Muscle testing detects hidden biological stressors otherwise neglected in most medical exams. Once the nutritional deficiency is identified, the correct organic nutritional supplements can be implemented to enhance healing over time.  Therefore, everyone will have a unique, tailor made nutritional program designed for that particular body’s needs.  When the body is given the right nutrients, its ability to self-heal is truly amazing. 

Zyto Scan

Our trillions of cells in the body are always communicating via electrical signals.  The primary reason for this communication is to maintain health and functionality.  The Zyto Scan is a scientific breakthrough in which the body’s communication can be measured and recorded in detail.  The Zyto Scan will interact with the body through Galvanic currents and gather information that analyzes nutritional deficiencies and structural issues, without diagnosing diseases.  This is a tremendous analytical tool in conjunction with muscle testing, as it provides a computerized report that is easy to understand for patients.

Zyto Elite Scan

With Zyto Elite Scan, more advanced options are available, including:

- Food Reaction/Sensitivity

- Environmental Toxins (Chemicals, Heavy Metals, etc)

- Hormonal nutrition scan

- Detailed advanced nutrition such as neurotransmitters, specific vitamins

- Emotional nutritional stressors


The Endcardiograph was developed in 1937 by Dr Royal Lee, and has now evolved into the digital version called phonocardiograph.  The phonocardiograph records vibrations of the heart as blood moves through the heart chambers, vessels, and valves. These recordings are measured at different locations near the heart to collect information on nutritional deficiencies, as well as potential problem areas of the heart.  The traditional EKG measures electrical impulses as it moves through the nerves of the heart tissue, therefore is not the same type of analysis.  By using the phonocardiograph correctly, heart muscle nutritional deficiencies can be identified and corrected, resulting in a very unique perspective.  This is a great observational tool for general health maintenance, as well as athletic performance.

21 Day SP Purification Nutritional Cleansing

This purification program combines a generous menu of whole foods with supplements that support the body’s ability to remove naturally occurring toxins. This promotes a state that allows for toxin release.


Naturally occurring toxins that build up in the body can contribute to:

  • A stuffy feeling in the head

  • Fatigue or difficulty sleeping

  • Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset

  • Food cravings and weight gain

  • Reduced mental clarity

  • Low libido

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