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Zyto Elite Scan

Our trillions of cells in the body are always communicating via electrical signals. The primary reason for this communication is to maintain health and functionality. The Zyto Scan is a scientific breakthrough in which the body’s communication can be measured and recorded in detail. The Zyto Scan will interact with the body through Galvanic currents and gather information that analyzes nutritional deficiencies and structural issues, without diagnosing diseases. This is a tremendous analytical tool in conjunction with muscle testing, as it provides a computerized report that is easy to understand for patients.

With Zyto Elite Scan, more advanced options are available, including:

* Food Reaction/Sensitivity

*Environmental Toxins (Chemicals, Heavy Metals, etc)

*Hormonal nutrition scan

*Detailed advanced nutrition such as neurotransmitters, specific vitamins

*Emotional nutritional stressors

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