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The Healing cleanse

Early Morning :

[Sample 1] Celery Juice,

[Sample 2] Lemon-ginger water, or

[Sample 3] Barley grass juice extract powder mixed with water


[Sample 1] SmoothieBananasDatesFrozen wild blueberries

[Sample 2] SmoothieBananasDatesFrozen cherries Barley grass juice extract powder, or

[Sample 3] Honeydew melon


[Sample 1] SmoothieSame recipe as above

[Sample 2] SmoothieBananasPapayaStrawberriesFresh aloe leaf gel cilantro, or

[Sample 3] Bananas with celery sticks


[Sample 1] Salad: Baby spinachButter lettuceCucumbersSproutsOrange segments

Blended dressing: Fresh orange juice Avocado Garlic

[Sample 2] Chopped salad: SpinachBaby kaleCucumbersTomatoesRed onion

Blended dressing: Lime juice Avocado Cilantro Garlic

[Sample 3] Salad: Baby spinachRomaine hearts Cucumbers Tomatoes Papays Cilantro

Blended dressing: Tomatoes Papaya Scallions Atlantic dulse


[Sample 1] Pear slices (plenty of them!) with celery sticks

[Sample 2] Sliced peaches with strawberries and raspberries or

[Sample 3] Coconut water with spirulina; Grapes with celery sticks


[Sample 1] Spinach Soup: Spinach Tomatoes Celery Cilantro Fresh orange juice

Scallions-serve over cucumber noodles

[Sample 2] Mango salsa: Mangoes Tomatoes Celery Cucumbers Cilantro

Garlic-serve over red leaf lettuce-

[Sample 3] Cut-up mangoes(Plenty of them!) –serve with romaine leaves on the side


[Sample 1] Apple slices with date

[Sample 2] Herbal tea

[Sample 3] Apple slices with date


William, Anthony. Medical Medium: secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal 2015.

Hay House Australia Pty.

* This statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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